What is the complaint rate of Hong Kong Broadband HKBN Internet service providers?


What is the complaint rate of Hong Kong Broadband HKBN Internet service providers?

In recent years, the usage of the internet in Hong Kong has been increasing rapidly, leading to higher demands for internet service providers. One of the most popular internet service providers in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN). However, with the increase in its number of users, many have filed complaints about its services. So, what is the complaint rate for HKBN?

Firstly, we need to understand what a complaint rate is. Simply put, it refers to the ratio of the number of complaints received to the total number of users within a certain period of time. Usually, this ratio is expressed as a percentage. If the complaint rate is high, it indicates that the quality of the company's services may have some issues.

So, what is the complaint rate for HKBN? In fact, this data is not easily obtainable because different channels and platforms may provide different statistics. However, based on data from the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the number of complaints against HKBN in the third quarter of 2019 was 56, accounting for 7.7% of all complaints. Compared to other internet service providers, this number is relatively low.

However, it is worth noting that the complaint rate cannot fully reflect the quality of a company's services. This is because some consumers may not report their issues through formal complaint channels, or complaints that have been resolved may not be recorded. Therefore, the complaint rate can only be used as a reference and cannot be the sole criterion for evaluating a company's services.

In conclusion, as a well-known internet service provider, HKBN's complaint rate is not high, but this cannot fully reflect the quality of its services. If users have any issues with its services, they should still report them through formal complaint channels so that the company can promptly improve and resolve the issues to enhance its service level.

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