How to test your HKBN Internet speed?


How to test your HKBN Internet speed?

If you want to test your internet speed on Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), there are some simple methods that can help you confirm whether your network is working properly. Here are some testing methods:

The first method is to use a network speed testing tool. These tools allow you to test your network speed in a few seconds to determine your upload and download speed. You can search for these tools online, such as Speedtest, and after opening these websites, just click on "Start Test" and the testing tool will automatically test your network speed.

The second method is to use the network speed testing tool provided by HKBN. You can find this tool on its official website, just click on "Network Speed Test," wait a few seconds, and you can get your upload and download speed.

The third method is to use a browser extension. You can download a network speed testing extension in the browser extension store, such as the Speedtest extension in the Google Chrome browser. After downloading, just click on the extension icon to quickly test the network speed.

In summary, these three methods are all very simple and easy-to-use methods that can help you test your internet speed on Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN). If you find that your network speed is not normal, you can contact the customer service department of HKBN for more help.


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